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Pop Up Produce

The Pop Up Produce Program increases the availability of fresh food in our partner communities in Dallas County which do not have a grocery store with consistent availability of any food, much less healthy food. Pop Up Produce provides regular deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables which results in consistent access to healthy food at the partner communities which are towns where the main food options are convenience stores with high prices/limited produce. Our healthy food is offered to any person, no questions asked.

Partner Projects

The Food GRID is a central hub that supports projects large and small throughout Dallas county. Learn how you can make a difference where you live, work and play.

Community Fridges

A community fridge is just what it sounds like – a publicly accessible refrigerator that’s stocked with free food. If you have labeled and unopened food that you would otherwise throw away, we encourage you to drop it off at a community fridge near you. Just drive up, put your items in the fridge, and drive away. It’s just that simple! Good food to be shared and eaten by all instead of going to waste.