The Food GRID

The Food GRID is a map that can lead you to every food source in Dallas County, Iowa. Click on the links below to find where you can get food when you want to make a meal, to locate a great place to make a meal for you, and when you are interested in how to rescue food that would otherwise be wasted.  The goal of the Food GRID is to move healthy food through the county and to eliminate food waste entirely! 

Get a Meal

If you are looking for places to eat a prepared meal, The Food GRID is filled with community meal sites, restaurants, food trucks and many other great meal options. Bon Appetite!

Make a Meal

Looking for a place to get groceries? The Food GRID can direct you to food options all over Dallas County including grocery stores, food pantries, farmers markets and more. Remember – you are what you eat!

Give a Meal

If you are a business that values the environment and is actively seeking to reduce your food waste by redistributing it to others instead of discarding it, we’ve got you covered. Bravo!

Welcome to the new Hunger Free Dallas County!

Hunger Free Dallas County (HFDC) is proud to introduce The Food GRID which will assist us in Growing, Rescuing, Identifying, and Directing food throughout Dallas County, Iowa. Click below to learn about Hunger Free Dallas County’s other exciting projects!